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Whether you use a truck, car, or bakkie, you use your automobile to get just about everywhere. If you need to brand your company better, why not utilize every opportunity? We offer customized vehicle wraps that can be as simple as just a logo and your company’s information, or as bold as wrapping your entire vehicle in an unusual pattern to serve as a bold marketing tool while you are on the road.
Each car or truck graphic is a completely unique endeavor that must be designed, printed and fit to your specific vehicle. Fortunately, M & A Printers & Promotions Pty (Ltd) handles both the printing and installation of your vehicle wrap, ensuring a professional finish every time. Graphic car wraps can be printed for one car or an entire fleet of vehicles. The materials used by M & A Printers & Promotions Pty (Ltd) ensure your truck wrap will be looking good for months and years to come. Because of the highly-customized nature of vehicle wraps,M & A Printers & Promotions Pty (Ltd) is happy to assist you throughout the entire creation process to ensure the final product meets all of your expectations. Contact the printing and installation experts at M & A Printers & Promotions Pty (Ltd) today to start taking advantage of all branded vehicles can offer.

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